Perhaps the most noticeable quality of a good logo design is its simplicity. But coming up with a great design is anything but simple. Taking the time to uncover what makes a company unique, and exploring the design possibilities implied in that uniqueness is the only way to create a mark that will adequately and truthfully represent it.

Computer graphics software and the internet have spawned countless logo design services promising new logos for less than the cost of a meal in a decent restaurant. Usually consisting of little more than a few preformed shapes plus the company name saved in a drawing program, a sampling of these cut-rate services will reveal how well this process usually works.

A truly original logo establishes immediate, credible recognition while expressing the client's character or attitude. It becomes a unique visual identifier synonymous with the client's business, as well as a memorable endorsement of the client's product, organization or service. I invite you to view the Logoguy portfolio and see the kind of results that can be achieved with truly original custom logo design. Then call or e-mail me and I'll be happy to discuss my process and how I can help, with no further obligation on your part. And thanks for visiting.